The Community of Baracoa

Baracoa is a city and municipality in the Guantànamo Province near the eastern tip of Cuba. It is the oldest Spanish settlement in Cuba, and its first capital. Nearby are the rivers Miel and Toa - the latter having many waterfalls. The Polymitas here are cared for by Pablo Leyva Rivera, who along with the community make it their mission to protect them from poachers and collectors. Baracoa cuisine includes typical dishes such as Cucurucho and Bacàn, and organic chocolate is a specialty in this cocoa-producing region.

Polymitas are considered the world’s most beautiful snails and come in every color except blue. They live on trees and bushes in mangrove areas and prefer humid environments where they feed on fungi, molds and lichens. They are almost extinct and found mostly in Baracoa. Pablo Leyva Rivero, the Poet of Baracoa has dedicated himself to caring for this species and when you visit him he will cook typical Baracoan dishes for you.

Polymitas in Bowl Polymitas in Bowl

Polymitas On Leaf Polymitas Many

Polymitas Many Polymitas Grouped

Polymitas Grouped Polymitas Grouped