E C O  C U B A  O U T I N G S

Legal Travel to Cuba

At Eco Cuba Outings we promote projects which help the people of Cuba improve their lives. Through their interactions with the Cubans, travelers have many opportunities to experience Cuba by engaging in dialogue and sharing ideas. This contributes to the enrichment of the cultural and environmental efforts being carried out through non-government projects.

Eco Outings approves educational group trips to Cuba under the following categories: Family visits; Support for the Cuban People; Official business of the U.S. government; Journalistic activities; Professional research; Educational activities; Religious activities; Workshops; Activities of private foundations; group People-to-People exchanges.

We ensure that your program is in compliance with the latest OFAC rules for legal travel to Cuba.

Fabrica de Arte Cubano FAC Muraleando Community project, photo by Jesser Aguilar

Polymitas on Tree Coro de Cienfuegos world class chorus

Vista Hermosa farm to table Gardens of the Queen turtle